Rain Rain Go Away!

Field Drain 1

The 2012 season has certainly been a little challenging on the weather front! We started the season in March to glorious sunshine, experiencing a particularly warm start. Those customers who managed to visit the Park in March may remember sitting outside and starting on their suntans early! However, no sooner had we notified customers about the hosepipe ban then the rain began and it doesn't seem to have stopped since! Met Office figures are indicating that this year has been the wettest in 100 years, and the second wettest since records began in 1910. Fingers crossed, 2013 will be the sunniest in 100 years!

On the farm however Mark has spent the past week getting very wet and cold in the bottom of the ditches around the fields on the farm trying to clear some of the field drains in an effort to get rid of some of the standing water on the farmland.  Certainly one of the less glamorous sides of farming!  Let's hope we have a drier winter from hereon to enable the crops to recover a little!

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